I smile when the sun shines.  When dress codes and the weather allow, I live mostly in skinny-cropped jeans, casual tops, and cute little flats.  I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to formal business attire and white lattice gazebos.  I love many things, highest on the list are my husband of 15 years and our sweet giggly 4-year-old daughter.  Not far behind them are Dave Matthews Band summer concerts, vacations to the Inn at Bay Harbor, coffee, running, and great restaurants with outdoor seating.  Besides being a photographer and a business owner, I’m a graphic designer, an avid volunteer, a marathon runner, a snowboarder, a water skier, and I like to think I’m still able to surf.  In 2012 I founded a non-profit organization called Little Green Gardeners that builds vegetable gardens in elementary schools.  I have lived in London and have traveled extensively throughout Europe.


I am formally educated in photography and I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of California in San Diego.  I also studied photography at UCLA.  For three years after college I worked for Saatchi & Saatchi, a prestigious advertising agency in Los Angeles. Although I loved working in advertising I craved using my creative side even more, and as my husband and I planned our wedding I fell in LOVE with wedding photography.  So I threw caution to the wind - I quit my advertising job, began working for three prominent wedding photographers, and after gaining a significant amount of experience I started my own photography business in 2006.  I'm one of the rare few who actually got into photography because I specifically wanted to be a wedding photographer.  I look back on that as one of the best choices I ever made because I could not love my job any more than I do now.  I love the constant challenge of capturing the best of each person and helping them to look incredible in photos.  I love capturing the emotional moments of a wedding day which, even after 11 years of photographing weddings, never ever gets old or any less meaningful.  And I even love the almost inevitable bit of chaos on a wedding day, as so many years of shooting weddings has taught me how to handle anything with grace.  This job requires equal parts of creativity, style, and personality... and I feel so lucky to have found such a fulfilling way to use my talents.

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